Gillian Wang

We got to know Andrew through a colleague of my husband’s. My husband liked the photos that Andrew took for that colleague, and hence suggested us to get in touch with Andrew and so we did.

My husband and I decided, during our first meeting with Andrew, that we would love to work with him and get our pre-wedding shooting done. We were simply amazed at the works that Andrew had done in the past for the other couples, and we felt comfortable with Andrew.

After that, we had another one or two face-to-face discussions with Andrew who had been creative in ideas and able to suggest solutions that we were happy with.

It was in my first trimester when we actually did the shooting. I felt rather weak. Andrew had been extremely helpful as he would only have me there when he was ready with everything. I’d admit it probably wouldn’t have gone that smoothly if we were with a different photographer. And I much appreciated that. Of course, during the shootings, there were lots of communications between us and Andrew, to ensure that we were aligned in terms of expectations.

It turns out, that my husband and I are really happy with the final results, which I guess is most important to many including us. We are satisfied with the photos themselves, the photoshop effect, and the storytelling set up as well. For us, it’s one of the most meaningful moments in our life, and we absolutely do not regret our decision to work with Andrew. We received our album yesterday, a few days earlier than the original said date. Andrew has been a reliable work partner as he always is.

If there’s another opportunity in the future, we would love to work with Andrew again, without any hesitation.

Thank you, Andrew for your stunning work & services!

To others who are looking for a high-quality photography service – highly recommended!