Joel + Rebecca (Recipe For Love)



Five cans of patience.
Five boxes of romance sensation.
Ten cups of sharing.
A gallon of caring.
A bowl of trust.
Honesty a must.
Always put God first.
Salvation for thirst.

Recipe For Love by Lamar Cole

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Gladys+Alvan (Whats cooking)


Your cooking is great
I told you once
you offered to teach me
because you love me

I kept learning from you
as a good student does
for many a years
because I wanted to cook like you do

One day you told me
‘lessons are over, now you know
all that’s required to
cook like I do’

I still didn’t get the taste

I am so used to enjoy in your cooking
Until you gave up the secret ingredient
‘I keep thinking of you while cooking for you! ! ‘

Cooking by Ranjith Wijekoon




Gladys+Alvan (windmill)


by Dennis Lambert

Even the whisper of a wind
Will woo these wind-catchers
To creak and groan, round and round,
Moaning above tulips, red and yellow.

And when one great dipping arm catches me
I soar screaming into baby-blue sky,
With wide and wild eyes
Stirring color to a blur.

“Hang on, hang on, hang on, ”
My laughing heart sings,
“Like love it lifts you
And brings you round,

And like a poem,
Dancing you
High above familiar ground,
It never wants to put you down.


Mel+Lucas (Beach Chairs)

beach chairs

by joyce ebrecht

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the setting sun
holding hands and reminiscing
how it all begun

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the ships out on the sea
holding hands and smiling
together we’re meant to be

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching people walking past
holding hands and knowing
that our love will always last

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the waves along the shore
holding hands we realize
our love is stronger than before

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the changing tide
holding hands with happiness
to be by each others side

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the sunrise
holding hands with tears of joy
there are no more good-byes


Mel+Lucas (Playing)

Children Playing

by David Taylor

Where’s the heap in one grain of sand
And the sound in a clap of a hand
Or the beat of one bang of a drum
Or the word in a sigh or a hum
Did you ever find the face of the sun
Or did your patience ever quit and then run
Oh I love it when words want to play
And then threaten they might run away
They’re hiding and calling me now
So I’ll be back in an hour or someone
And I hope we may continue the fun
If the words will return and then play
Through the night and then all through the day
Oh we will have so much fun
Watching them play and then dance and then run
You just really don’t know what they will say
Those words that just want to have fun
Like children laughing and playing, in the sun.


Mel+Lucas (Bicycle)

my first ride on a bicycle

by Rangarajan Kazhiyur Mannar

My first ride on a bicycle
Feeling emancipated & ecstatic
As if flying to the pinnacle
The mood was indeed electric

Pedalling the lean steel wheels
Adorned by festoons on the handle
Cruising through the coastal winds
An experience words fail to tell

From Mylapore to Triplicane
Places adored by mystic saints
The ride along the east coast
Though short boosted the spirits

Balancing on the two wheels
A task seemingly impossible
For a beginner to learn the tricks
A prelude to ride the real life cycle!


hazel+ben (playground)


by khari lain

As I look to my left, and to my right
I see children jumping up and down
Running towards the playground

I smile as I see them glide
Towards the broken slide

And as they cling
To the rusted swing

And I think, that for a child
It doesn’t have to be appealing to the eye
Just appealing to the mind

And if the mind of a child is pleased
The sun will shine
And parents can sit back with ease

And they to, can smile
And watch there children run for miles
As they play at the playground


Hazel+Ben (paper plane)

paper plane

by Evil Angel

were sitting outside
watching the sky
a paper plane fly by
its times like this
that gets me by
the everyday struggle
in this modern times
memories like these
are like paint that
never dry

the paper plane still fly
it flyes with the wind
untill the sun burns it down
but the memory of you and me
will always stay in my mind