jon + nadine (A Whole Love)

Ever since
I laid eyes on you,
I knew for a fact
This was a dream come true.

Everything my heart desires,
In one single go,
Fell into my lap,
Made my love grow.

I know now
My life is complete.
No more struggles
Or battles to compete.

Now I see
My future at last.
Up the life ladder we go,
Together it’s a blast.

You showed me
The true meaning of love,
My guardian angel,
Sent from above.

The heart is an organ
We cannot live without,
But I give you my heart,
In trust, without a doubt.

For years to come
We will become stronger
Together, hand in hand
And forever longer.

I love you
With all my heart and soul.
You met me broken
And made me whole

–A Whole Love by Kyle


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Gladys+Alvan (Whats cooking)


Your cooking is great
I told you once
you offered to teach me
because you love me

I kept learning from you
as a good student does
for many a years
because I wanted to cook like you do

One day you told me
‘lessons are over, now you know
all that’s required to
cook like I do’

I still didn’t get the taste

I am so used to enjoy in your cooking
Until you gave up the secret ingredient
‘I keep thinking of you while cooking for you! ! ‘

Cooking by Ranjith Wijekoon




Gladys+Alvan (toys)


by Melissa Mawadzi

Toys toys toys!
Girls and boys want to play
Everyone loves
Toys toys toys!

Girls love babbies
Boys love hotwheels
Babies love dummies
and their little bears

Toys toys toys!
how can I play
without you
Toys toy toys!


Mel+Lucas (Playing)

Children Playing

by David Taylor

Where’s the heap in one grain of sand
And the sound in a clap of a hand
Or the beat of one bang of a drum
Or the word in a sigh or a hum
Did you ever find the face of the sun
Or did your patience ever quit and then run
Oh I love it when words want to play
And then threaten they might run away
They’re hiding and calling me now
So I’ll be back in an hour or someone
And I hope we may continue the fun
If the words will return and then play
Through the night and then all through the day
Oh we will have so much fun
Watching them play and then dance and then run
You just really don’t know what they will say
Those words that just want to have fun
Like children laughing and playing, in the sun.


Mel+Lucas (Bicycle)

my first ride on a bicycle

by Rangarajan Kazhiyur Mannar

My first ride on a bicycle
Feeling emancipated & ecstatic
As if flying to the pinnacle
The mood was indeed electric

Pedalling the lean steel wheels
Adorned by festoons on the handle
Cruising through the coastal winds
An experience words fail to tell

From Mylapore to Triplicane
Places adored by mystic saints
The ride along the east coast
Though short boosted the spirits

Balancing on the two wheels
A task seemingly impossible
For a beginner to learn the tricks
A prelude to ride the real life cycle!


hazel+ben (playground)


by khari lain

As I look to my left, and to my right
I see children jumping up and down
Running towards the playground

I smile as I see them glide
Towards the broken slide

And as they cling
To the rusted swing

And I think, that for a child
It doesn’t have to be appealing to the eye
Just appealing to the mind

And if the mind of a child is pleased
The sun will shine
And parents can sit back with ease

And they to, can smile
And watch there children run for miles
As they play at the playground


Hazel+Ben (paper plane)

paper plane

by Evil Angel

were sitting outside
watching the sky
a paper plane fly by
its times like this
that gets me by
the everyday struggle
in this modern times
memories like these
are like paint that
never dry

the paper plane still fly
it flyes with the wind
untill the sun burns it down
but the memory of you and me
will always stay in my mind


Alex+Eve (fishing)

gone fishing

by Lynn B. Glover

I know of nothing that can happen badly,
When a man goes fishing with a wee laddie.
The poles they carry along with the bait,
Says, ‘Gone fishing early and staying late’.

When a man goes fishing with a small boy,
The lad is as happy as playing with a new toy.
We would sit on the bank and bait our hooks,
We have forgotten work, and school and books.

As we sat there alone on the bank,
Our minds seem to gradually go blank.
However, the excitement is about to begin,
A nibble and the lad will fight to the end.

At times it seems this fish would win,
The lad fights back and looks at me with a grin.
‘Don’t give up the fight, ‘ I shout,
I looked over at the lad and he had caught a huge trout.

The grin has now turned into a large smile,
This smile won’t go away for a long, long while.
‘Look! ‘ he said, ‘At what I did.’
I said ‘That’s a huge fish you caught today, kid.’

There’s one thing that I’m sure,
The lad out fished me with his lure.
Someone asked him, ‘Where have you been? ‘
He answered ‘I have been fishing, and I want to go again.’