Gladys+Alvan (windmill)


by Dennis Lambert

Even the whisper of a wind
Will woo these wind-catchers
To creak and groan, round and round,
Moaning above tulips, red and yellow.

And when one great dipping arm catches me
I soar screaming into baby-blue sky,
With wide and wild eyes
Stirring color to a blur.

“Hang on, hang on, hang on, ”
My laughing heart sings,
“Like love it lifts you
And brings you round,

And like a poem,
Dancing you
High above familiar ground,
It never wants to put you down.


Gladys+Alvan (toys)


by Melissa Mawadzi

Toys toys toys!
Girls and boys want to play
Everyone loves
Toys toys toys!

Girls love babbies
Boys love hotwheels
Babies love dummies
and their little bears

Toys toys toys!
how can I play
without you
Toys toy toys!


Mel+Lucas (Playing)

Children Playing

by David Taylor

Where’s the heap in one grain of sand
And the sound in a clap of a hand
Or the beat of one bang of a drum
Or the word in a sigh or a hum
Did you ever find the face of the sun
Or did your patience ever quit and then run
Oh I love it when words want to play
And then threaten they might run away
They’re hiding and calling me now
So I’ll be back in an hour or someone
And I hope we may continue the fun
If the words will return and then play
Through the night and then all through the day
Oh we will have so much fun
Watching them play and then dance and then run
You just really don’t know what they will say
Those words that just want to have fun
Like children laughing and playing, in the sun.


Hazel+Ben (paper plane)

paper plane

by Evil Angel

were sitting outside
watching the sky
a paper plane fly by
its times like this
that gets me by
the everyday struggle
in this modern times
memories like these
are like paint that
never dry

the paper plane still fly
it flyes with the wind
untill the sun burns it down
but the memory of you and me
will always stay in my mind


pearlina+ck (dress)

wedding dress

by theresca robins

Shes been dreaming
‘Bout her wedding dress
Since she was a little girl..
White with lace, and flowing,
Accents made of pearl
Mother watches daughter
Trying on the dresses….
Her daughters now a future bride
And the older one confesses,
She sees that little girl, again..
Her eyes sparkling with joy,
Playing bride in bedroom sheets
And dreaming ’bout a boy….
She grew up…She met a man
Who swept her off her feet..
They fell in love,he proposed to her,
And now her lifes complete…
Daughter’s eyes are dancing, now..
Shes found the perfect fit…
Mother smiles proudly..
This one’s surely it..
Daughter turns to mother
I love it-watcha think…??”
Mother grins , she love it too,
Then gives the girl a wink..
And in that very moment,
Mother sees the change occur,
Standing, now,in front of her
A woman – not a girl.

location at LOVEYU