Gladys+Alvan (Whats cooking)


Your cooking is great
I told you once
you offered to teach me
because you love me

I kept learning from you
as a good student does
for many a years
because I wanted to cook like you do

One day you told me
‘lessons are over, now you know
all that’s required to
cook like I do’

I still didn’t get the taste

I am so used to enjoy in your cooking
Until you gave up the secret ingredient
‘I keep thinking of you while cooking for you! ! ‘

Cooking by Ranjith Wijekoon




Raj + Michelle (Teddy Bear Love)


Come Hug me, Hold me,
and Squeeze me tight! !
And Ill be your teddy bear
who will treat you rightly.
For unlike other bears
who are mean and rough,
Im be soft in your arms
and so gentle to your touch.
And although I might seem
‘Well, just a little shabby!
And my hair is all bent over,
Im a good bear to hand onto
as I can love you like no other.
And if want to feed the bear
with your cookin and kindly love
my stuffings are sawn up tightly
as I am filled with warmth and love.


Teddy Bear Love by craig moon


Raj + Michelle (Teddy Bear)



I love it when you call me that special name, it makes me feel special knowing that it came from you

I love it when you hold my hand, SO TIGHT, so that you never let me go

I love it when you make promises to me, it lets me know i can trust you

I love it when you look at me with those eyes, it makes me feel beautiful

I love it when you kiss my lips, it puts butterflies in my stomach

I love the fact that you took me back, it lets me know that you still care

I love how i can go on and on about what i love about you, i hope it shows that i love you


I love You Teddy Bear by Selena Star



Sylvia & James Love is Art

Love is Art

by Brianna Perreira

Love is like Art…
It needs passion,
hard work,
and it comes from the heart
It starts off blank
And over time it grows into a beautiful thing
To some it will be meaningless
But to you it may be everything
Love is Art and Art is Love…


Sylvia & James Play Ball

Play Ball

By Matt Mondschein

Called my pals today
Asked them
Do you want to play
What? they replied
Why, the greatest game invented
I’d say
You know the one founded by
Abner Doubleday
We strolled lanquishly
To the green pastures
Basepaths worn to earth
Paperplates were bases
Oh! how we did play
The greatest game on earth that day

Sylvia&James Carnival


by Kristen Brown

Beautiful chaos filled the land
once upon a time
when logic lapsed
and reason waned
life became a carnival ride

All you know
when all you dream
turns upon dyne
the realization of what’s meant to happen
makes you feel the most alive

Clouds depart
and such sweet sorrow
spirits uplifted
with thoughts upon tomorrow

To have the freedom, fancy, folly
dancing around dim-lit lantern light
lacking typical poise and stern demeanor
to the chrysanthemums’ delight

Can the spirit hark
a fair maiden’s
faithful voice

Do you intend
surrender or give in
really not much of a choice

And when you’ve accustomed to the disturbance
again they must depart

But ye must not
no never forget

The carnival will return one day

To the home you’ve set in your heart.