New York

New York City

by Gary Bitson

Tall skyscrapers, dingy streets,
Shoe-“souls” sounding, rhythmic beats;
Bumper traffic, taxi magicians,
Flashing neon, sidewalk traditions;
Hustle-bustle, “laisser-faire,”
“Porno” Shops, display their ware;
Stop-lights fixed, on sidewalk posts;
Skirts blown high, by “Subway Ghosts;”
“Wine-oes” slung ‘cross, “Skid-Row” stairs,
Hung from windows, draped in pairs;
Establishments, quite “itsy-bitsy,”
Cohabit with, the fine and ritzy;
Show-biz rampant, a broadcaster’s lair!
Broadway shows, and “Girlie” fare!
“Delis,” shops, and news-stand “hails;”
Sidewalk vendors, “Hooker” sales!
Mind-boggling sights, for an hour’s stay,
I hope to visit, again someday;
And though it’s been, many a year,
I hold the memory, of New York, dear.







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