kim + bruce morning

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.

–Julia Child

brki-4-copy-la.jpgBRKI-9 copy-LA.jpgBRKI-0181-B7brki-12-copy-la.jpgLightroom (BRKI-0437-61.dng and 2 others)Lightroom (BRKI-0450-61.dng and 2 others)BRKI-3559-6B.jpgbrki-17-copy-la.jpgBRKI-0552-61.jpgBRKI-0631-61.jpgbrki-23-copy-la.jpgBRKI-0749-A7.jpgBRKI-0804-A7.jpgBRKI-0826-A7.jpgBRKI-0747-61.jpg

Lightroom (BRKI-0762-61.dng and 2 others)brki-32-copy-la.jpgBRKI-1178-A7BRKI-1196-A7BRKI-0469-B7.jpgBRKI-0527-B7.jpg

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