Sylvia&James Carnival


by Kristen Brown

Beautiful chaos filled the land
once upon a time
when logic lapsed
and reason waned
life became a carnival ride

All you know
when all you dream
turns upon dyne
the realization of what’s meant to happen
makes you feel the most alive

Clouds depart
and such sweet sorrow
spirits uplifted
with thoughts upon tomorrow

To have the freedom, fancy, folly
dancing around dim-lit lantern light
lacking typical poise and stern demeanor
to the chrysanthemums’ delight

Can the spirit hark
a fair maiden’s
faithful voice

Do you intend
surrender or give in
really not much of a choice

And when you’ve accustomed to the disturbance
again they must depart

But ye must not
no never forget

The carnival will return one day

To the home you’ve set in your heart.

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