michelle+alvin (wait)

Worth the wait

by Forrest Black

i’ve never been good at reading your maps,
deciphering codes to let time elapse
and according to this we’re just inches apart
but i know for a fact that it’s more in my heart

i’d trek through the heat, the cactus and sand
to fall on your doorstep, my head in your hands
i’d defy all the myths and all disbelief
to prove that you’re worth it, despite all the grief

i’ve never been able to understand how
i’ve never been able, up until now
it may take me a month, or even a year
but every inch worth it to know that you’re near



Wait 1Wait 2Wait 3Wait 4

One Comment Add yours

  1. Alvin Yap says:

    It was worth the wait. It was worth the moment. And thinking about it while viewing through the album now makes me feel comforting and excited.

    Love every single shot. We will be doing a picture frame for your picture (so many pictures to choose) and placing it at some big plain walls.

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