pearlina+ck (picnic)


by Ted Onulak

Let us make a feast
Upon the summer grass
Let us find a quiet place
And make the moment last

In the far high country
Where we cannot be disturbed
Away from the seething world
Obnoxious and perturbed

There we’ll make a kingdom
Where we two may bide
Vowing not to leave
Forever, side by side

Dare I spread before you
My bounty of dreams
Sharing humble bread and cheese
Wine chilling in a mountain stream

So many years before us
So little time to waste
Of all the things before us
Your salty cheek I ache to taste

Your lips warm before me
The taste I love the best
Lost on a hillside
The embers of the day Burning in the West

And so begins our picnic
In the quiet glen
With Love’s thousand purposes
As I kissed you then



picnic 1picnic 2picnic 3picnic 4picnic 5

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlene says:

    Just gorgeous! I adore how you made the couple’s cool style and fun-loving personality stand out. And it’s all done so naturally too. They (and their doggies) are absolutely adorable!

  2. Alvin Yap says:

    I love this album!

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